2018 Call for Proposals

Share your knowledge and experience with colleagues by submitting a proposal for the 2018 Project Management Conference at Penn State. Registration fees will be waived for up to two presenters of selected proposals. Presenters from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.


Submission Guidelines

Conference presentations are 60 minutes (this includes time for Q&A). A proposal may include one, or several presenters. Successful proposals meet the below guidelines/criteria:


  • The proposal clearly states the objectives. What is the “why”?
  • Takeaways/learning objectives are clear
  • Presentation is related to the topic/theme of the conference
  • The presentation is applicable to a broad audience.  For example “Procurement within Higher Education” vs. “Procurement within MY Department.”


Presentation Format

Presenters may select one of the below formats to deliver their presentation.

    • Traditional: an educational talk about a specific topic that involves a presentation and discussion. Presentations include a high level overview of the topic (E.g. anecdotes, lessons learned, review of research) and translates findings into thought provoking and/or meaningful application for audience members.
    • Roundtable: interactive discussion-based sessions where participants generate ideas, receive feedback, and engage in in-depth conversations. Roundtable presenters are responsible for facilitating the session.
    • Panel: typically consists of three or more individuals that provide information and answer questions regarding a specific topic. Panelists typically represent a diversity of voices, experiences and may work across varying fields/disciplines to provide a multitude of insight into a given topic for the audience.


Submission form below. Only completed forms will be reviewed. Proposal sumbissions open March 20th and close April 24, 2018. Please review the entirety of the form prior to submitting any responses. 

2018 Project Management Conference at Penn State Proposal Submission Form

2018 Project Management Conference at Penn State Proposal Submission Form

Section 1


Section 2

Section 3

Pulls people in, short and to the point.
( e.g. 1. Jane, Project Manager, jane@example.com)
If selected, this description will be used in event marketing materials, such as the website, A clear, thoughtful and succinct description is important. Max 75 words.
What will people learn from attending your presentation? Information will be used in event marketing materials. Max 50 words.
Please provide further detail about your proposal. Consider providing further information on research, key findings, statistics, or any other additional detail that supports your proposal topic. This information will inform the proposal reviewer's selections. Max 250 words.
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